This book could not have been created without the input of quite a team of people. Our Polteq colleagues have spent many hours reviewing the content of this book. Their suggestions for improvement helped bring the quality of the book up to a level becoming of Polteq. The review team consisted of Anja Bakker, Danny Berrevoet, Jasper de Boer, Bjorn van den Brink, Jos van de Goede, Erwin Lamberts, Jeroen Lamberts, Hans van Loenhoud, Riny Nieuwhoff, Gerard Numan, Linda Pol, Susanne Spijkers, Marjolein Steyerberg, Ruud Teunissen, Wim ten Tusscher, Martijn de Vrieze and Douwe Wienke. Our colleague Arno Hofstra translated the Dutch book into English. Also, we are very grateful for the contributions of all our Polteq and non-Polteq “brothers-in-arms” ...

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