Faster-than-at-Speed Test for Screening Small-Delay Defects

Ahmed Nisar and Tehranipoor Mohammad

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Design Implementation

4.3 Test Pattern Delay Analysis

4.3.1 Dynamic IR Drop Analysis at Functional Speed

4.3.2 Dynamic IR Drop Analysis for the Faster-than-at-Speed Test

4.4 IR Drop Aware Faster-than-at-Speed Test Technique

4.4.1 Pattern Grouping

4.4.2 Estimation of Performance Degradation ΔTGi

4.5 Experimental Results

4.6 Conclusions

4.7 Acknowledgment


4.1 Introduction

Technology scaling is introducing a larger population of timing-related defects in integrated circuits (ICs), and postsilicon performance verification is becoming an ever more challenging problem. The transition delay fault (TDF) model is widely ...

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