Testing In Python video course

Video description

Testing In Python course

Learn practical testing with Pytest

Getting started with testing can be hard, and this video aims make it all very easy by using examples and explaining the process in a straightforward way. Testing is a core principle of robust software implementations and should be a prime skill to master that can be applied to any project.

This video course will show you how to cover all of the basics of Pytest and go through some real-world use cases to apply this knowledge.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Setting up Github Codespaces
  • Setting up AWS Cloud9
  • Using Github Actions
  • Using AWS Code Build
  • Using Pytest fixtures
  • Using Pytest with code coverage
  • Using Pytest with Click command-line testing
  • Using Pytest with Flask Microservice testing
  • Matrix Testing With Github Actions
Learn Objectives

This course has extensive content that covers Testing in Python for beginners and then moves onto more complex testing operations and practical examples including CI/CD, command line tools and microservices testing.

  • Write useful tests
  • Create powerful fixtures to enhance tests
  • Apply a testing matrix with Tox
  • Use GitHub Actions to create a Matrix
  • Add tests to existing applications

Product information

  • Title: Testing In Python video course
  • Author(s): Alfredo Deza, Noah Gift
  • Release date: July 2022
  • Publisher(s): Pragmatic AI Solutions