Time for action – generating a Reporty-ng report

  1. Open the previously created SampleReport in Eclipse.
  2. Download the Reporty-ng from the URL: https://github.com/cosminaru/reporty-ng


    At the time of writing this book the latest version available was Reporty-ng 1.2. You can download a newer version if available. Changes in the installation process should be minor if there are any at all.

  3. Unzip the downloaded zip and copy a file named testng-results.xsl from src\main\resources onto the resources folder under the said project.
  4. Copy the JARs saxon-8.7.jar and SaxonLiason.jar from the unzipped Reporty-ng lib folder to the project lib folder.
  5. Create a new Ant XML configuration file named reporty-ng-report.xml and paste the following code onto it:
    <project ...

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