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TFS 2017 Developer Features

Video Description

Learn how to deliver better quality software by allowing quality checks early on

About This Video

  • Learn about the key developer features in Visual Studio 2017
  • Deepen your knowledge about code quality with unit tests
  • Enhance the user experience by debugging your application with Intellitrace
  • Test your coding limits and understand your code better

In Detail

Team Foundation Server is a Microsoft product that provides source code management , reporting, requirements management, project management, automated builds and lab management. TFS 2017 comes up with a whole set of new improved features.

In this video course, we explore the developer features available in Visual Studio 2017 and TFS. This course is bound to ensure the user get all of the latest state of the art developer tools so that the code they are running will perform extremely well. We’ll explore the ways that developers and stakeholders can request and give feedback to one another. This will ensure the application the developers are creating meets the stakeholder’s requirements by allowing quality checks early and often.