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TFS Agile Planning Tools

Video Description

Learn how to setup,configure and run a TFS Agile Project using Scrum methodology

About This Video

  • Start small and then dive deep into the Agile Planning tools that are included in Team Foundation Server.

  • Get engaged with this demo-rich video course.

  • Learn everything you need to get started with Team Foundation Server Agile Tools today.

  • Clear and concise information, tips and tricks, step by step guidance

  • In Detail

    In this video course, we will be introduced to the Agile Planning Tools. Once a Team Project is created we will look at the various aspects of Agile Planning in TFS. Once completed, you will understand how to setup, configure and run a TFS Agile Project using the Scrum methodology.

    TFS Agile Planning Tools will allow you to be the expert. You will learn how to setup and configure Team Foundation Server for a Scum project. After that we will guide you through a deep-dive into how to work with the planning tools.