by Mark Joyner, Founder of Simpleology

Do we really need another book about business success?

Well, if you look at all that's been written and read on the subject, and compare that to the average Joe's lot in life, apparently the answer is yes.

When I first set out to write this Foreword I was pre-penning in my mind something trite: "Look, the message of success has been said again and again in different ways, but it hasn't changed. You just need to keep hearing it in different ways until you get it."


The fact of the matter is, much of the success literature of the past 100 years is utter rubbish.

Much of it is written by people who have never accomplished a thing in their lives. They get the notion that "people who make and sell business success tools make lots of money, and so should I," and thus it begins.

So, keep that in mind when you read supposedly authoritative books on success. It's easier than you think to create the appearance of authority.

Rather than rehash the easy (and sometimes downright untrue) messages of the self-help industry and call them their own, the three coauthors of this book have instead chosen to do something far more valuable: They asked about each of these notions, "Is that really true?"

It's not easy to challenge assumptions—especially popular ones.

Yet, the lasting accomplishments of history have rarely come from those who have set out to do easy things.

Actually, back up a minute.

Did you accept that last statement as true?

It sure sounds ...

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