Chapter 13

Establish Your Vision

The first step to creating breakthrough with the 12 Week Year is to craft a great vision for yourself. This should be a fun and inspiring exercise. Vision is critical because there will be days when you just won’t feel like taking action on your plan. To help you stay on track, you will need a powerful reason why—and that’s your vision.

Sal Durso, a long-time friend and client, has a personal take on the power of vision.

We have applied the disciplines of the 12 Week Year in our firm for years. It has become second nature to us, it is the way that we get stuff done, and it is the way that we stay on track even when things get in the way.

Not long ago our firm lost a big part of our revenue when a group of our key advisors left and took with them their clients and their revenue. As you would expect, this was an extremely trying time for the firm, and it impacted me both personally and professionally. The people leaving were not just business associates, they were long-time friends as well, and their loss was felt deeply by all of us who remained.

I could have put my victim glasses on and placed all of the blame for this loss squarely on those who had left. Okay, looking back there may have been at least a couple of days that I had a why-me attitude, but in the end my desire and vision to build a business that would survive long past my stewardship took over.

It was during this time that I took a much-needed summer trip to the incredible state of ...

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