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The 2006 ASTD Training & Performance Sourcebook

Book Description

The 2006 edition of the ASTD Training and Performance Sourcebook, edited by training guru Dr. Mel Silberman, draws on the knowledge and expertise of today's best trainers and consultants. In this one comprehensive book, you will find the tools you need in such important areas as e-learning, communication skills, diversity and cross-cultural awareness, performance improvement, and management development. Tools in the Sourcebook are organized into four categories: training activities and group learning exercisesassessment instrumentshelpful handoutspractical guides to understanding and implementing important training and performance trends

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Topical Index
  6. Preface
  7. Training Activities
    1. 1. Nifty Notes: Involving Learners with Graphic Organizers
    2. 2. Nacirema, Inc.: A Case Study in Performance Management
    3. 3. Giving Constructive Feedback: Role-Plays
    4. 4. Improving Your Memory: Short Exercises
    5. 5. Earning Customer Capital: Learning to Increase Value Through Excellent Quality and Service
    6. 6. Do You Remember? The Interviewee's Comments
    7. 7. The Difficult Customer: A Role-Playing Exercise
    8. 8. The Silence of the Dogs: An Instant Conflict Situation
    9. 9. Interviewing Candidates: A Bias Awareness Exercise
    10. 10. Customer Service: An Exercise on Features Versus Benefits
    11. 11. Potent Poetry: Expressing Yourself Creatively
    12. 12. Thinking Under Pressure: A Challenge Exercise
    13. 13. Crisis in Sumeria: A Simulation on Resolving a Dispute
    14. 14. Mystery Theater: An Entertaining Way to Wrap Up Your Training
  8. Assessment Instruments
    1. 1. Are You Training Actively?
    2. 2. How Effectively Am I Managing My Career?
    3. 3. Are You an HSP (Highly Successful Person)?
    4. 4. Did You Have a Successful First Meeting with Your Client?
    5. 5. Does Your Electronic Sales Communication Get Through?
  9. Helpful Handouts
    1. 1. 26 Employee Learning Opportunities That Increase Performance and Motivation
    2. 2. Five Steps to Create a Climate for Diversity
    3. 3. Tips for Communicating with Nexters: Or ... Giv It 2 Me Str8, Fst, & Alwys
    4. 4. Seven Ways to Get the Most from the Next Training You Attend
    5. 5. Six Tips for Moving Your Career Forward
    6. 6. A Potpourri from A to Z on Just About Any Topic
    7. 7. Prioritizing Training Requests
    8. 8. Tips for Developing a Global Learning Focus
    9. 9. Nine Educator Approaches
    10. 10. Seven Tips for Maintaining Professionalism
    11. 11. 10 Tips for Successful On-the-Job Training
  10. Practical Guides
    1. 1. How to Empower E-Learners
    2. 2. How to Market Training—And Why You Should
    3. 3. How to Implement Strategic Time Management
    4. 4. How to Approach Learners Developmentally
    5. 5. How to Develop Employee Performance Scripts
    6. 6. How To Understand People When They Don't Get It
    7. 7. How to Use Instant Messaging as a Learning Tool
    8. 8. How to Use a Learning Goal Worksheet to Support Instructional Design
    9. 9. How to Moderate Learner-Centered Online Discussions
    10. 10. How to Plan an Evaluation
  11. About the Author