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The 4 Habits of Healthy Families: Everything Your Family Needs to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy for Life

Book Description

A book has finally been written to address weight management and health in the family. The 4 Habits of Healthy Families will teach families of all shapes and sizes how to create meals that are healthy and enjoyable. Amy Hendel, lifestyle therapist and health expert, guides families through daily planning, preparation and proportion of food. But, what’s more, Amy has fought obesity herself and is also a busy, working mother. She brings personal credibility and expertise to an easy-to-follow and practical health guide. The benefits of improving your family’s health don’t stop at a healthier, better-feeling family. As you practice Amy’s easy program, you’ll find your family gathering around the dining-room table more often and seeking out healthy activities to enjoy together. Health will become the platform for a stronger and more closely knit family. In addition to invaluable sidebars and tips, The 4 Habits of Healthy Families is filled with easy and delicious recipes, sample grocery store lists and a plethora of other suggestions to minimize time and maximize output in the kitchen. The 4 Habits of Healthy Families offers a generous amount of support from an author who has fought—and beat—obesity in her own family. Amy Hendel is showing the joys and advantages of making health a family affair.

Table of Contents

  1. Praise
  2. Title Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. 1 - Facing the Facts to Save Your Family
    1. You Do Have the Power to Save Your Family
    2. Family Wake-Up Call
    3. Is It Genetics?
    4. The Choice Is Still Yours
    5. My Story
    6. Why It Takes a Family
    7. The Four Habits of Healthy Families
    8. A Plan for All Budgets
    9. You CAN Do This
    10. Congratulations, Let’s Get Started!
  6. 2 - What Kind of Food Family Are You?
    1. Families Can Change
    2. The Genetics Excuse
    3. The End of Family Denial
    4. The Denial Antidote: Honest Assessment
    5. The Five HFL Family Assessment Tools
    6. HFL Assessment Tool #1: Family Health Tree
    7. HFL Assessment Tool #2: Individual Health Profile
    8. HFL Assessment Tool #3: Activity Profiles
    9. HFL Assessment Tool #4: Family Food Intervention Stage (FFIS) Profile
    10. HFL Assessment Tool #5: Family Food-Style Questionnaire
    11. Your Family Food “Values”
  7. 3 - Eat Like a Cow and Other Easy Ways Your Family Can Become a “Healthy Family ...
    1. The Behaviors of a Healthy Family for Life
    2. 1. Which Species Is Your Family? Eating Like a Cow Isn’t Half Bad.
    3. 2. Food Habits Die Hard: This Movie Has a Lot of Sequels!
    4. 3. Palate Re-training Is the Name of the Nutrition Game
    5. 4. You Can Learn to Work With Your Metabolism
    6. 5. You Don’t Have to “Open a Restaurant” to Please Everybody!
    7. 6. Hunger Can Fool You!
    8. 7. Real Food Makes Life Easier (Really)
    9. 8. Everyone’s Not Equal When It Comes to Weight Loss—But Everyone Has the Same Tools
    10. 9. You’re Never Too Young to Start
    11. 10. Small Choices Add Up to Big, Long-Term Success
    12. Ten HFL To-Dos
  8. 4 - The “Yes, No, Maybe So” Food Choice Plan
    1. Yes, No, Maybe So Is Born
    2. Your Family Can Have a Healthy Attitude Toward Food
    3. Your Family’s New Food Foundation
    4. Yeah, Yes Foods
    5. No (Not Never) Foods
    6. Maybe So Foods
    7. Now What? Getting Started
    8. “Quickie” HFL Meal Plan
    9. “Quickie” HFL Grazing Plan
    10. Basic Meal Plan Options
    11. More Meal Plan Options
    12. Meal Planning Tips
    13. The Practical Side of Yes, No, Maybe So
    14. YNMS Takes Time—and Common Sense
    15. Take It Easy
  9. 5 - Focusing on “Yes” Foods: The Healthy Family Food Superstars
    1. Why Say Yes?
    2. Your Family Food Attitude Makeover
    3. What Makes a Superstar or Yes Food
    4. The Fiber Fullness Factor
    5. Choosing Yes Foods
    6. Kids Can Say Yes to Fruit
    7. Preparing Yes Foods
    8. Sneaking Fruit and Veggies into the Mix
    9. Patience, Patience, Patience
    10. Yes Foods and Weight Loss
    11. Fruits Plus Grains Formula for Weight Loss
    12. Yes Foods and Portion Control
    13. Hunger vs. Thirst
    14. Yes Food Success
    15. HFL Program Yes Foods List
    16. “Maybe So” Fruits and Vegetables
  10. 6 - Healthy Habit #1: Plan Together
    1. Healthy Families Are (Somewhat) Organized
    2. Planning to Shop with YNMS
    3. When to Make Your Family List and Shop
    4. My Sample Shopping Lists
    5. Easy Meals to Go with the Lists
    6. Sample HFL Breakfast Meals
    7. Sample HFL Lunch Meals
    8. Sample HFL Dinner Meals
    9. More Meal Plan Guidelines
    10. Shopping the HFL Way
    11. How Healthy Is Your Pantry?
    12. How Healthy Is Your Fridge?
    13. Planning to Eat Out
    14. Eating Ethnic (and Healthy)
    15. Fast Food, Good Food?
    16. Planning For Parties
    17. A Final Word about Planning Snacks
  11. 7 - Healthy Habit #2: Prepare Together
    1. HFL Food Preparation Rules
    2. Amy’s Weekly Prep Plan
    3. What Is Your Style?
    4. Family Affair in the Kitchen
    5. Three-Step Prep for Shopping Day
    6. Try These Rub-Ons
    7. Prep Your Refrigerator
    8. Amy’s “Quick Attack” Meal Prep (Because We Moms Need a Battle Plan)
    9. Final Health, Sanity and Timesaver Tips
  12. 8 - Healthy Habit #3: Portion Together
    1. Big Servings, Big Problems
    2. Changing Your Family’s Portion Perception
    3. Ten Tips to Encourage Family Portion Control
    4. Amy’s Sample Day Menu with Portions
    5. What Works for Me
  13. 9 - Healthy Habit #4: Play Together
    1. Why Move Your Family to Move?
    2. How Much Is Enough?
    3. More Is More
    4. Your Family’s HFL Activity Program
    5. HFL Family Activity Guidelines
    6. How To Change Your Family’s Attitude
    7. Tips for Family Activity Success
    8. A Word About Strength Training
    9. Combining Weight and Aerobic Training
    10. Calorie-Burning Reality Check
    11. Using Goals to Spur the Exercise Experience
  14. 10 - The Right Way (and Wrong Way) to Support Each Other
    1. Threatening the Status Quo
    2. Positive vs. Negative Comments
    3. Spousal Sabotage
    4. More Tricks for Dealing with Sabotage
    5. Buddy Up for Support
    6. With or Without a Biological Family
    7. How to Handle the Skeptics
    8. Celebrating Success
    9. Quieting Your Inner Saboteur
    10. Supporting Success and Making It Fun
  15. 11 - Don’t Fight the Feelings
    1. Are You an Emotional Eater?
    2. The Stress Connection Is Real
    3. Four Strategies for Emotional Eating
    4. You May Need an Appetite Adjustment
    5. Creating Healthy Behavior Patterns That Last
  16. 12 - There Are No Perfect Families: The Art of Making Realistic Goals and ...
    1. What Really Works
    2. Setting Family Goals
    3. Examples of Family Goals
    4. Setting Personal Goals
    5. Examples of Reasonable Goals for Kids
    6. Time Frames: How Far, How Fast?
    7. Real-Life HFL Family Story: Goals from Age Four and Up
    8. Real-Life HFL Family Story: Progress in Spite of Challenge
    9. Don’t Let Environment or Economics Stop You
    10. The Realities of Family Dynamics
    11. Setting Your Family Up for Success
    12. Achieving Your Goals
  17. 13 - Secrets for Changing Kids’ and Teens’ Habits
    1. Five Mistakes to Avoid
    2. Kids Need to Be Active
    3. Talking to Your Kids
    4. Understanding What They Go Through
    5. A Word About Babies and Toddlers
    6. No Singling Out
    7. Take It from the Kids
  18. Yes, No, Maybe So Food Choices
  19. HFL Recipes
  20. Appendices
  23. Copyright Page