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The 50 Ideas that Shaped Business Today

Book Description

What were the top 50 ideas, inventions and innovations that created the business world as we know it today? The Financial Times set out to answer this question with the help of its readers, reporters and a panel of judges from business, academia and journalism. The resulting list, initially published as an FT magazine, encompassed technology, energy, aviation, finance, the law and, of course, people, including the power of women as leaders, employees and consumers. This free ebook not only looks at the ideas that created business today; it attempts to predict those that will create the business world of tomorrow – from cars that talk to each other to the disappearance of cash.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Introduction
  3. People
    1. Women as employees, consumers and leaders
    2. Workplace diversity
    3. The open-plan office
    4. Pensions and benefits
    5. Environmentalism
    6. Activism and NGOs
  4. Technology: computers
    1. Microchip
    2. Internet
    3. Personal computing
    4. Data analytics and search
    5. Social media
  5. Technology: applications
    1. Mobile communications
    2. Fibre optics
    3. Imaging technology
    4. Barcodes
    5. Robotics
    6. Satellites
  6. Globalisation
    1. Government regulation
    2. China’s adoption of market economics
    3. Privatisation and the rise of capitalism
    4. Rule of law
    5. Globalisation and trade blocs
    6. Selling to the next billion customers
    7. Deregulation
    8. Emergent economies and urbanisation
    9. Education expansion
    10. English as lingua franca
  7. Consumers
    1. Brands
    2. Online marketplace/Ecommerce
    3. Powerful consumers
    4. Customer segmentation
  8. Energy
    1. Changing sources of energy
  9. Aviation
    1. Air travel
  10. Banking and finance
    1. Tax optimisation
    2. Modern corporate finance
    3. Consumer credit
    4. Black-Scholes and algorithms
    5. Shareholder value
    6. Corporate governance
    7. Entrepreneurs venture capital and private equity
  11. Management
    1. Strategic management
    2. Corporate ethics and reputation
    3. Leadership culture
    4. Business educators and professional advisers
  12. Biotechnology
    1. Modern pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
    2. High-yield agriculture
  13. Copyright
    1. Copyright and intellectual property
  14. Industrial process
    1. Containerisation and global supply chains
    2. Outsourcing/value chain deconstruction
    3. Process innovation
  15. Future ideas
    1. Future of driving
    2. Social enterprise
    3. Unskilled workers
    4. Cheap and free information
    5. Future of demographic change
    6. Cashless future
  16. Judges