About the Author

Luke L. Wiley, CFP® CRPC®, is a Senior Vice President–Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services. He is a partner, with his brother, Zachary H. Wiley, CRPC® Vice President–Wealth Management, of Wiley Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services. Luke is the oldest of three brothers and grew up in a military family. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a triple major in Finance, Accounting, and Real Estate. He attended the University of Cincinnati on a soccer scholarship. In 2012, he ranked seventh out of 7,000 UBS financial advisors in terms of net new qualified relationships.

In more than 15 years in the Financial Services industry, Luke has been recognized as a thought leader and key strategist by clients, coworkers and industry leaders. He has been featured in several national publications for his team’s approach to wealth management as well as his team’s contrarian strategy to identifying and selecting stocks called the 52-Week Low Formula. In fact, in April 2013 he was featured in the “Advisor Profile” section in Morningstar Advisor magazine. Luke has been married to his lovely wife, Melissa, for over 16 years and together they have four healthy and loving children, Madyson, Jake, Leah, and Morgan, and live in Cincinnati, Ohio. He became financially independent by the age of 33 but shows no signs of resting on his laurels, as his motto is “I am a work-in-progress.” He is committed to ongoing self-improvement, not only professionally, but ...

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