Chapter 5Forget the Frat Boy Approach – Convert with a Honeypot

60 Second Summary

In this chapter, we discuss how you take people who look and act like your best clients, introduce yourself to them, and get them to show an interest in the value you provide.

You uncover the four groups of people who have an impact on every decision you make in your business.

I introduce the six client attraction systems designed to help you leverage your time and the investment of your financial resources as you grow your revenue.

You are introduced to the conversion process and given a step‐by‐step guide to move people through the client life cycle and into a relationship with you.

You discover my proprietary tool for converting strangers into prospective clients. This is called a honeypot, and it will change the way you view selling.

What's in This Chapter for You?

This is the chapter that ends cold calling for you forever. After reading this portion of the 60 Second Sale, you will be able to present yourself as an expert providing priceless guidance.

The key concept you will discover in this chapter is called a honeypot. This is something you offer to a group of suspects to pique their interest in beginning a relationship with you (see Figure 5.2).

This concept will help differentiate you from your competitors and allow you to command a fee premium.

Know the People in Your Database

In late June 2009, I came to an important realization. My business was eight months old and I had finished ...

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