Chapter 6Put Your Mouth Where the Money Is

60 Second Summary

This chapter will help you start new relationships with large groups of people, in 60 seconds or less. The first minute of your presentation will determine whether people will listen to you. Once they listen, they will want to hear more, and they'll want you to help them.

You will leave the venue with permission to communicate with dozens and often hundreds of people who want to continue the relationship beyond the speech.

What's in This Chapter for You?

You are going to discover a process for structuring a speech for maximum relationship‐development impact. This is one of the fastest ways to connect with large numbers of people who will give you permission to communicate with them in the future.

The key concept you will discover in this chapter is the eleven‐step process to use speaking engagements as a way to attract new prospective clients. This process is powerful, and it will help you add hundreds of prospects to your database each year.

Being in front of an audience is the most powerful way to enhance your credibility. You will be introduced by someone, every pair of eyes in the room will be on you, and for a period of time, you will be the only one talking. People will ask you questions. People will want more information. You will be considered an authority on the topic of your speech.

This chapter will help you make the most of those opportunities.

One Speech, Two‐Dozen Relationships, and a Lifetime ...

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