Chapter 14The End of the Beginning

We have covered a lot of information in the 60 Second Sale system. It probably seems overwhelming. That's why I'm going to give you some specific next steps to follow, and I'm going to prioritize them based on how far along you are in your evolution from hit‐and‐run sales to relationship‐based sales.

Harsh Reality

Congratulations on getting to this chapter in this book. You are special. Since you've come this far, I'm hoping you will go a little further. Based on my experience with sales executives, business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs, here are the categories of people who will move forward beyond this point.

The bottom 20% do NOTHING. They purchased the book. They may have skimmed it. They stumbled upon this page but they will not take action. They want to take action. At some point in the future they may find this book in their bookcase, or propping open a window somewhere, and decide to dig in and get to work. I welcome that.

The next 30% do one thing. They found something in the book that is the breakthrough they have been looking for. This breakthrough will immediately boost their sales. They will work on this specific activity until they have it down cold. This person will write me a great book review and I will be forever grateful.

The next 30% read the entire book and pick out three or four activities to begin immediately. In fact, they started some of them while they were reading. People in this category are telling ...

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