7.6 ADHD Coaching

Many people have been helped by coaches of various kinds, such as business and executive coaches, athletic coaches, weight-loss coaches, and life coaches. One of the interventions that many adults and teens with ADHD are finding helpful as part of the multimodal treatment plan (Lists 1.19, 1.23) is ADHD coaching.

What Is ADHD Coaching?

  • ADHD coaching is a field that emerged around the mid-1990s that uses life skills and academic coaching strategies as well as knowledge of ADHD and the impact of executive function impairments to support ADHD clients in reaching their goals.
  • ADHD coaching is a service in which a trained coach assists the client (typically an adolescent or adult) with structured and realistic goal setting and supportive strategies to achieve those personal goals, helping them understand and manage their ADHD symptoms.
  • A coach is not a therapist, psychologist, or tutor. The coach's role is to work with the ADHD client with a focus on specific, practical actions—providing encouragement, feedback, and accountability.
  • “Coaching occurs when one person (the coach) provides objective feedback and guidance in an organized and methodical fashion to help another person (the client) address a problem or achieve identified goals” (CHADD National Resource Center on AD/HD (n-d)).
  • “ADHD coaching is a specialized type of life coaching that addresses the common challenges ADHD can often bring, particularly in the areas related to scheduling, goal setting, confidence ...

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