2 The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Booklet for June 2013 CC Release
New Creative CC Features
e newest “feature” in Illustrator is that it's now fully
part of the Creative Cloud subscription model. To get any
of the other new features, users will have to purchase a
monthly or annual subscription, either for Illustrator as
a stand-alone application, or for all the applications and
services in the Creative Cloud. Support for CS6 will con-
tinue, but only for an as-yet-undetermined period of time.
In the following pages, we'll cover most of the features that
have been tweaked or added since CS6, with the emphasis
on those features that impact our creative workow. e
lessons and galleries that follow will focus mainly on new
features that aect brushes and type.
Image Brushes
Art, Pattern, and Scatter brushes just got a makeover.
Finally you can use embedded raster artwork in the
brushes you create, and you can mix raster with vector in
the same brush. Keep in mind the following points when
creating brushes from raster artwork.
Limit the size (in pixels) for Pattern and Art brushes
to approximately one megapixel (see Tip at le), though
Scatter brushes can be much larger. Because the brush's
redraw performance lags with larger brushes, Illustrator
will oer to “optimize” (down sample) any single raster
object (the copy it uses, not the original) that exceeds that
limit. Illustrator can't downsample multiple objects, and
may not be able to downsample very large images, either.
You'll see a warning to resize the artwork before creat-
ing the brush, at which point you can choose Object>
Rasterize to down-sample your image. Illustrator down-
samples the image to match the size of the image on the
artboard at the resolution you choose in the dialog. It may
be enough simply to scale the image before rasterizing,
or it might also require rasterizing at a lower resolution,
depending upon the size you're starting with.
Escape the Grid
To hide the Perspective Grid in
Illustrator CC, simply press the Esc
key. To show the grid again, rese-
lect the Perspective Grid tool after
you've selected any other tool, or
select the command View> Per-
spective Grid> Show Perspective
Grid (C-Shift-I [Mac]/Ctrl-Shift-I
[Win]). If the Perspective Grid tool
is active when you hide the grid
with the Esc key, clicking on the
tool again won't do anything.
Place Those Guides Quickly
To create guides, you no longer
have to drag out each guide from
a ruler onto the artboard. Now,
double-click anywhere on a hori-
zontal ruler, for instance, to place
a vertical guide where you clicked,
or Shift-click to force the guide to
the nearest tick mark. Holding C
(Mac)/Ctrl (Win), click-drag from
the upper-left corner of a ruler to
create crossing horizontal and ver-
tical guides on your artboard.
How Big is a Megapixel?
A megapixel is roughly one million
pixels. Multiply W x H in pixels to
get the total area. A filled rectan-
gle 1024 x 1024 px is the maximum
usable size, but can sometimes be
larger if the artwork boundaries
contains fully transparent pixels.

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