8 The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Booklet for June 2013 CC Release
Touching Type
Modifying Editable Letter Characters
Overview: Create a point or area
text object; use the Touch Type tool
to select individual letter characters;
resize, rotate, and move characters in
a text object; manipulate letter spac-
ing; style the word using the Appear-
ance panel.
Finishing a map for a travel guide to Boquete, Panama,
cartographer Steve Gordon created a title for both the
map and the guide. His goal was to create a title that fea-
tured colorful, playful type and conveyed a rough, spon-
taneous design. Illustrator CC’s Touch Type tool and the
Appearance panel enabled Gordon to graphically manipu-
late individual letters in his title design.
1. Setting the type. Gordon began by selecting the Type
tool, clicking on the artboard, and typing “Boquete” in Il-
lustrators default font. Next, he individually selected each
character with the Type tool and changed its font and
color from the Control panel. When he nished, each let-
ter in the title displayed a unique font and color.
2. Distorting letters with the Touch Type tool. To give
the letters a playful, disorderly look, Gordon chose to
distort each characters size, dimensions, angle, and letter
spacing. He also wanted to keep the type editable so he
could change fonts depending on how the design devel-
oped. Illustrator CCs Touch Type tool, hidden under the
Type tool icon in the Tools panel, lets you graphically ma-
nipulate letters while preserving their editability as type. If
the Character panel is open, you can also click the Touch
Type tool button to enable the tool. As you move the cur-
sor toward the type object you want to edit, notice the
Touch Type cursor icon: It appears as a
T surrounded by a
box with corner points.
To change a letter, click on it with the Touch Type tool.
When you select a letter, Illustrator displays a selection
box with ve control points around the character. Youll
use these points to edit each letter.
Top, “Boquete” typed in the default font; bot-
tom, after changing font and color for each letter
Left, uniformly resizing a character using the
upper-right control; right, using the top-center
control point to rotate the character
The Touch Type tool cursor (shown enlarged) on
the left; on the right, a selected letter character
The Point Is the Area
You can use the Touch Type tool
on letter characters in both point
and area type objects.

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