The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book for CS6 and CC

Book description

For decades, Sharon Steuer and her international WOW! team have been showcasing the world’s best artists and designers working in Illustrator. In this expanded edition of the best-selling and award-winning Illustrator WOW! Book, you’ll find hundreds of tips, tricks, and techniques derived from actual projects from top Illustrator artists. You’ll learn to use new features, discover exciting ways to create complex effects, and find fresh ways to use venerable old tools and speed up your workflow. This edition includes coverage of the 2014 release and is loaded with and lessons with stunning new artwork that feature:

  • Painting and generating objects with raster brushes

  • Harnessing Live Corners, Live Rectangles, and new ways to reshape paths

  • Manipulating live type characters with the Touch Type tool

  • Creating airbrush and neon effects with gradients on strokes

  • Building complex styles with multiple lines, fills, and effects

  • Composing complex repeating patterns

  • Auto-generating corners for pattern brushes

  • Incorporating transparency into mesh and gradients

  • Building and modifying scenes in perspective and 3D

  • Transforming raster art to Illustrator vectors

  • Preparing artwork for animation and the web

  • Integrating Illustrator with Photoshop and other apps

  • Creating photorealism in Illustrator

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    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. WOW! Contents at a Glance...
    4. Contents
    5. The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book for CS6 and CC
    6. How to use this book...
    7. What’s New in CC?
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. 1 Your Creative Workspace
      1. Introduction
      2. Organizing Your Workspace
      3. Mastering Object Management
      4. Managing Multiple Artboards
      5. The Creative Cloud Workspace
      6. Gallery: Mike Kimball
      7. Tracing a Template: Manually Tracing a Template Layer
      8. Basic to Complex: Starting Simple for Creative Composition
      9. Navigating Layers: Creating, Organizing, and Viewing Layers
      10. Basic Appearances: Making and Applying Appearances
      11. Guides for Arcs: Designing with Guides, Arc, and Pen Tools
      12. Auto-Scaling Art: Apply Effects and Graphic Styles to Resize
      13. Gallery: George Coghill
    10. 2 Designing Type & Layout
      1. Introduction
      2. Types of Type
      3. Working with Threaded Text
      4. Wrapping Area Type Around Objects
      5. Formatting Text
      6. Converting Type to Outlines
      7. Using the Eyedropper with Type
      8. Using the Appearance Panel with Type
      9. The Glyphs Panel
      10. Working with Legacy Text
      11. Advanced Features of Multiple Artboards
      12. New Type Features in Illustrator CC
      13. Graphic Novel Cover Design: Illustrator as a Stand-Alone Layout Tool
      14. Create an Identity: Working Efficiently with Multiple Elements
      15. Really Organized: Streamlining File Output with Artboards
      16. Moving Your Type: Setting Type on a Curve and Warping Type
      17. Galleries: Steven Gordon/Cartagram, LLC
      18. Arcing Type: Transforming Type with Warps & Envelopes
      19. Galleries: Yukio Miyamoto
      20. Touching Type: Modifying Editable Letter Characters
      21. Galleries: Franck Payen
    11. 3 Rethinking Construction
      1. Introduction
      2. The Eraser Tools & the Blob Brush
      3. Shape Builder Tool
      4. Working with Live Paint
      5. Using Image Trace
      6. Aligning, Joining, and Averaging
      7. Draw Behind and Draw Inside
      8. Compound Shapes & Compound Paths
      9. CC’s Live Corners and Path Editing
      10. Working with Live Corners & Live Rectangles
      11. Pen Tool Changes & Reshaping Paths
      12. The New Pencil Settings (for other tools too)
      13. Combining Paths: Basic Path Construction with Pathfinders
      14. Coloring Line Art: Using Live Paint for Fluid Productivity
      15. Blob to Live Paint: From Sketch to Blob Brush and Live Paint
      16. Galleries: David Turton
      17. Rapid Reshaping: Using Shape Builder to Construct Objects
      18. Drawing Inside: Building with Multiple Construction Modes
      19. Galleries: George Coghill
      20. Rounding a Corner: Using Live Corners to Create a Map Symbol
      21. Pencil & Pen Paths: Using Drawing Tools to Edit Paths
      22. Galleries: Laura Coyle
    12. 4 Expressive Strokes
      1. Introduction
      2. Width Tool and Stroke Profiles
      3. The Expanded Stroke Panel
      4. Brushes
      5. Symbols
      6. Raster Brushes and Auto-Corners in CC
      7. Gallery: Donal Jolley
      8. Stroke Variance: Creating Dynamic Variable-Width Strokes
      9. Galleries: MCKIBILLO (AKA Josh McKible)
      10. Brushes & Washes: Drawing with Naturalistic Pen, Ink, Wash
      11. Galleries: Stephen Klema’s Students
      12. Painting Inside: Painting with Bristle Brushes & Draw Inside
      13. Painterly Portraits: Painting in Layers with Bristle Brushes
      14. Galleries: Greg Geisler
      15. Pattern Brushes: Building Characters with Pattern Brushes
      16. Galleries: Aaron McGarry
      17. Brush Corners: Pattern Brushes Made with a Raster Image
      18. Galleries: Lisa Jackmore
    13. 5 Color Transitions
      1. Introduction
      2. Working with the Color and Swatches panels
      3. Gradients
      4. Gradient Mesh
      5. Live Color
      6. Color Features Updated in CC
      7. Custom Coloring: Creating Custom Colors & Color Groups
      8. Scripting Colors: Tools for Adding and Editing Colors
      9. Kuler Colors: Using Kuler, Image Trace, & Live Color
      10. Unified Gradients: Creating & Editing with Pen & Pencil Modifiers
      11. Gradient Paths: The Basics of Gradients on a Path
      12. Gallery: Darren
      13. Bending Mesh: Converting Gradients to Mesh for Editing
      14. Transparent Mesh: Molding Transparent Mesh Layers
      15. Galleries: Ann Paidrick
      16. Recolor a Pattern: Creating Variations on a Color Palette
      17. Galleries: Sebastian Murra (Mu!)
    14. 6 Reshaping Dimensions
      1. Introduction
      2. Warps and Envelopes
      3. 3D Effects
      4. The Perspective Grid
      5. CC Update to the Perspective Grid
      6. Gallery: Gustavo Del Vechio
      7. Warp & Distort: Bending Forms to Create Organic Variations
      8. Gallery: Dedree Drees
      9. The Keys to 3D: The Basics of Realistic 3D Modeling
      10. Gallery: Aaron McGarry
      11. One Perspective: Simulating a One-Point Perspective View
      12. Amplified Angles: Creating Details with Two-Point Perspective
      13. Modifying a Photo: Inserting Photographs in Perspective
      14. Establishing Perspective: Aligning Grids & Planes to an Architectural Sketch
      15. Perspective Shifts: Locking Station Point to Auto-Update Art
      16. Galleries: Aaron McGarry
    15. 7 Mastering Complexity
      1. Introduction
      2. Pattern Making
      3. Transparency
      4. Opacity Masks
      5. Blends
      6. Clipping Masks
      7. Combining Complexity with Illustrator CC
      8. Pattern Making: Navigating the Pattern Options Panel
      9. Layered Patterns: Building Depth and Complexity in PEM
      10. Galleries: Sabine Reinhart
      11. Roping in Paths: Using Masks and Pathfinders for Shapes
      12. Adding Highlights: Using Transparency to Create Highlights
      13. Gallery: Annie Gusman Joly
      14. Moonlighting: Using Transparency for Glows & Highlights
      15. Galleries: Chris Nielsen
      16. Masking Images: Simple to Complex Clipping Masks
      17. Gallery: MCKIBILLO (AKA Josh McKible)
      18. Opacity Masking: Smooth Transitions & Intertwining Objects
      19. Galleries: Dan Hubig
    16. 8 Creatively Combining Apps
      1. Introduction
      2. Linking vs. Embedding in Illustrator
      3. Illustrator to Non-Adobe Programs
      4. Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
      5. Illustrator & Adobe InDesign
      6. Illustrator, PDF, and Adobe Acrobat
      7. Web Graphics
      8. Creating Animation with Layers
      9. CC Features for Creatively Combining Apps
      10. Place Multiple Files
      11. The New CSS Properties Panel (for Web design)
      12. Improved SVG features
      13. Gallery: Andrew Roberts
      14. Twist and Slice: Making Web Page Elements in Illustrator
      15. Gallery: Stikalicious™ Artists
      16. Gallery: Laurie Wigham
      17. Gallery: Rick Johnson
      18. Gallery: Aaron McGarry
      19. Ready to Export: Exporting Options for Layers to Photoshop
      20. Gallery: Kevan Atteberry
      21. Symbol Animation: Prepping & Splitting Objects for Animation
      22. Gallery: Laurie Wigham
      23. Galleries: LeeDanielsART
      24. Finishing Touches: Adding Scenic Entourage Elements & Using Photoshop for Lighting Effects
      25. Planning Ahead: Working Between Illustrator & Photoshop
      26. Galleries: Gustavo Del Vechio
      27. Gallery: Von Glitschka
      28. Galleries: Brian Yap
      29. Edge Animating: Layer Prep for Adobe Edge Animate
      30. Gallery: Lance Jackson
      31. Gallery: Sharon Steuer
    17. Windows WOW! Glossary
    18. Mac WOW! Glossary
    19. Artists Appendix
    20. General Index
    21. WOW! Book Production Notes

    Product information

    • Title: The Adobe Illustrator WOW! Book for CS6 and CC
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: July 2014
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 9780133928983