General Index

Symbols and Numbers

° (degree symbol), automatic in 3D dialog, 193

1P Normal View, Perspective Grid, 197198, 210

2D shapes. see 3D effects

2P Normal View, Perspective Grid, 197

3D effects

as 2D rendering of 3D object, 192

extruding 2D object, 193194

mapping art onto object, 196197

New Art Has Basic Appearance setting, 195

overview of, 192193

realistic, 206207

replicating complex object with rasters, 263

surface shading of 3D objects, 195196

types of dialogs, 193

3D effects, examples

“The Dory,” 204

key fob, 208

prototypes, 218

“Trick or Treat” movie, 294

“Wind,” 301

3D Studio Max, 82, 300

3P Normal View, Perspective Grid, 197

6D Art Pen, 117, 121

9-slice scaling, applying to symbols, 113, 276

100 Days gallery, 93

100 Proof ...

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