The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers

Book description

While Adobe Photoshop has long been their choice for editing digital photographs, many photographers want a more focused tool. That’s where Adobe Photoshop Lightroom comes in. Designed from the ground up with digital photographers in mind, Photoshop Lightroom offers powerful editing features in a streamlined interface that lets photographers import, sort, and organize images. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book was also written with photographers in mind. Best-selling author Martin Evening describes Photoshop Lightroom’s features in detail from a photographer’s perspective. As an established commercial and fashion photographer, martin knows firsthand what photographers need for  an efficient workflow. He’s also been working with Photoshop Lightroom from the beginning, monitoring the product’s development and providing feedback on the public beta. As a result, Martin knows the software inside and out, from image selection to image editing to image management. In this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Work efficiently with images shot in the raw formatn  import photographs with ease and sort them according to your workflow

  • Create and manage a personal image library

  • Apply tonal corrections to multiple images quickly

  • Integrate Photoshop Lightroom with Adobe Photoshop

  • Export images for print or Web as digital contact sheets or personal portfolios

  • Photographers will find Adobe Photoshop Lightroom—and The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book—indispensable tools in their digital darkroom.

    A free Lightroom 1.1 PDF supplement update is now available at

    Table of contents

    1. The Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom™ Book
      1. Foreword
      2. Introduction
        1. How to Use This Book
      3. Acknowledgments
      4. 1. Introducing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
          1. What Is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?
            1. Keeping Things Simple
            2. Modular Design
            3. Lightroom Performance
              1. Adobe Camera Raw Processing
              2. Color Controls
            4. The Lightroom Workflow
              1. Managing the Image Library
              2. Where Does Photoshop Fit In?
              3. Integrating Lightroom with Photoshop
          2. What You’ll Need
          3. Introducing the Lightroom Interface
          4. Installing Lightroom
          5. A Quickstart Guide to Lightroom
            1. Identity Plate Options
            2. Importing Images into Lightroom
            3. Viewing the Library
            4. Simplifying the Interface
            5. Zooming In
            6. Dimming the Lights
            7. Using the Develop Module
            8. Retouching a Photograph
            9. Synchronizing the Develop Settings
            10. Reviewing Images
            11. Assigning Ratings and Quick Collections
            12. Preparing a Presentation
            13. Creating a Web Photo Gallery
            14. Printing a Contact Sheet
            15. Making a Final Print
            16. Exporting Images
          6. Working Through the Book
      5. 2. Importing
          1. Importing Images
            1. Importing Images from a Card
            2. Importing Images from a Folder
            3. Importing Directly from the Camera
              1. Connecting the Camera to the Computer
              2. Camera Capture Software
            4. Importing Images via Drag and Drop
          2. Importing Photos by Copy
            1. Organizing Files Imported by Copy
            2. Renaming Options
            3. Adding Information During an Import
            4. Importing Existing Photos from Folders
          3. How Imported Images Are Organized
            1. Image Management by Metadata
      6. 3. Managing the Library
          1. The Library Module Panels
          2. Working with the Library
            1. Library Toolbar
            2. Library Panel
            3. Folders Panel
              1. Creating a New Folder
              2. Lightroom Folders and System Folders
          3. Navigating the Library
            1. Grid View Options
            2. Library Grid Navigation
            3. Working in Loupe View
              1. Loupe View Options
              2. Loupe View Navigation
              3. Loupe Zoom Views
            4. Working in Survey View
            5. Working in Compare View
            6. Working with the Filmstrip
          4. Refining Image Selections
            1. Rating Images
              1. Filtering Images via the Filmstrip
            2. Flagging Picks and Rejects
            3. Working with Color Labels
            4. Grouping Images into Stacks
            5. Removing Images
              1. Deleting the Rejects
          5. Library Management
            1. Working with Metadata
            2. Metadata Panel
              1. Metadata Presets
            3. Synchronizing Metadata Settings
              1. Synchronizing Metadata with External Programs
            4. Capture Time Editing
            5. Image-Specific Data
            6. Keyword Tags and Keywording Panels
              1. Keyword Categories
              2. Applying and Managing Keywords
              3. Implied Keywords and Keyword Sets
              4. Keyword Hierarchy
              5. Keyword Stamping
            7. Metadata Browser Panel
            8. Find Panel
              1. Finding by Metadata
              2. Finding by Date Range
              3. Advanced Searches
            9. Quick Collections
            10. Collections
            11. Sorting Images
            12. Renaming the Library Images
            13. Convert to DNG
          6. Exporting from Lightroom
            1. Exporting Library Images to a CD or DVD
      7. 4. Image Processing
          1. Image Editing in Lightroom
            1. Smarter Image Processing
            2. Smarter Retouching
          2. Steps for Getting Accurate Color
            1. Calibrating the Display
            2. Choosing a Display
            3. Calibrating and Profiling the Display
            4. White Point and Gamma
              1. Macintosh 1.8 gamma
              2. Matching White Balances
            5. Steps to Successful Calibration and Profiling
          3. Quick Develop Controls
            1. Quick Develop Color and Tone Controls
            2. Quick Develop and Develop Settings
            3. Quick Develop Cropping
            4. Synchronizing Develop Settings
          4. The Develop Module Interface
            1. Develop Module Cropping
              1. Crop Aspect Ratios
              2. Repositioning a Crop
            2. Histogram Panel
            3. Basic Panel Controls
            4. Basic Image Adjustment Procedure
            5. White Balance Adjustments
              1. Creative White Balance Adjustments
              2. Basic Adjustments and the Histogram Panel
              3. Auto Tone Setting
            6. Vibrance and Saturation
            7. Correcting an Overexposed Image
            8. Correcting an Underexposed Image
            9. Tone Curve Controls
            10. The Tone Curve Zones
            11. Combining Basic and Tone Curve Adjustments
              1. Tone Range Split Point adjustments
            12. HSL/Color/Grayscale Panel
              1. Selective Color Darkening
          5. Fine-tuning Images
            1. Detail Panel
              1. Sharpening an Image
              2. Removing Noise
            2. Lens Corrections Panel
              1. Removing a Vignette
            3. Camera Calibration Panel
              1. Creating a Custom Calibration via Photoshop
              2. Camera Calibration Panel Color Effects
          6. Black and White Conversions
            1. Black and White Develop Controls
            2. Black and White Conversion Options
            3. Temperature Slider Conversions
          7. Fine-tuning Black and White Images
            1. Split Toning Panel
              1. Split Toning a Color Image
            2. Full Grayscale Mix Conversions
            3. Color Slider Controls
            4. Extreme Grayscale Mixing
            5. Desaturated Color Adjustments
          8. Assessing Your Images
            1. Comparing Before and After Versions
              1. Managing the Before and After Previews
          9. Image Retouching Tools
            1. Remove Spots Tool
            2. Remove Red Eye Tool
            3. History Panel
            4. Snapshots Panel
          10. Easing the Workflow
            1. Making Virtual Copies
            2. Synchronizing Settings
              1. Copying and Pasting Settings
              2. Saving Develop Settings as Presets
            3. Editing an Image in Photoshop
      8. 5. Printing
          1. Preparing for Print
            1. The Print Module
            2. Image Settings Panel
            3. Layout Panel
              1. Rulers
              2. Page Grid and Cells
            4. Multiple Cell Printing
              1. Page Options
              2. Photo Info
            5. Page Setup
              1. Print Resolution
            6. Print Job Panel
              1. Print Job Color Management
              2. The Lightroom Printing Procedure
              3. Managed by Printer Print Settings (Mac)
              4. Managed by Printer Print Settings (PC)
              5. Print
              6. Printing Modes
              7. Print Sharpening
              8. Managed by Printer Settings for Hewlett-Packard
            7. Custom Profile Printing
              1. Managed by Lightroom Print Settings (Mac)
              2. Managed by Lightroom Print Settings (PC)
              3. Rendering Intent
            8. Saving a Custom Template
            9. Getting the Most Out of Lightroom Printing
      9. 6. Presenting Your Work
          1. The Slideshow Module
            1. The Slide Editor View
            2. Layout Panel
            3. Options Panel
            4. Overlays Panel
              1. Creating a custom Identity Plate
              2. Adding Custom Text Overlays
            5. Backdrop Panel
            6. Playback Panel
            7. Template Browser Panel
            8. Preview and Play
            9. Exporting a Slideshow
          2. The Web Module
            1. Gallery Panel
              1. The Lightroom HTML and Flash Galleries
              2. HTML Gallery
              3. Flash Gallery
            2. Labels Panel
            3. Color Palette Panel
              1. Choosing a Color Theme
            4. Appearance Panel
              1. Appearance Settings for the HTML Gallery
              2. Appearance Panel Settings for the Flash Gallery
              3. Identity Plate
            5. Output Settings Panel
            6. Image Settings Panel
              1. Adding Titles and Captions
              2. Customizing the Title and Caption Information
            7. Output Panel
              1. Exporting a Web Gallery
              2. Uploading a Web Gallery
            8. Template Browser Panel
      10. Appendix
          1. Lightroom Settings and Templates
            1. The Lightroom Preference File
            2. Accessing Saved Template Settings
          2. The Lightroom Library Folder
            1. The Library Database File
            2. Journal File
            3. Lightroom Previews Data
            4. Thumbnail Processing Routines
          3. Customizing the Lightroom Contents
            1. Sharing Metadata Between Programs
          4. The Lightroom RGB Space
            1. RGB Previews
              1. Tone Curve Response
              2. Balancing the Tone Curve
          5. The Ideal Computer Setup for Lightroom
            1. RAM Memory
            2. Graphics Card
            3. Hard Drives
            4. Drive Configurations
              1. Striped RAID
              2. Mirrored RAID
              3. A Mirror of Stripes
              4. Just a Bunch of Disks
            5. Distributing the Library Over Several Disks
              1. Working with More Than One Library
              2. Backing Up the Library
            6. Backup Strategies
              1. Backup Software

    Product information

    • Title: The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: March 2007
    • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
    • ISBN: 9780321385437