The Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 5 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers

Book description

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was designed from the ground up with digital photographers in mind, offering powerful editing features in a streamlined interface that lets photographers import, sort, and organize images. In this completely updated bestseller, author Martin Evening describes features in Lightroom 5 in detail from a photographer’s perspective. As an established commercial and fashion photographer, Martin knows firsthand what photographers need for an efficient workflow. He has been working with Lightroom from the beginning, monitoring the product’s development and providing valued feedback to Adobe. As a result, Martin knows the software inside and out, from image selection

to image editing and image management. In this book he’ll teach you how to:

  • Work efficiently with images shot in raw or JPEG formats

  • Import photographs with ease and sort them according to your workflow

  • Create and manage a personal image and video library

  • Quickly apply tonal adjustments to multiple images

  • Integrate Lightroom with Adobe Photoshop

  • Export images for print or Web as digital contact sheets or personal portfolios

  • Make the most of new features in Lightroom 5, such as extended spot

  • removal, Upright™ corrections, and Smart Previews

  • Photographers will find Lightroom 5—and The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

    Book—indispensable tools in their digital darkrooms.

    “With Martin’s expert guidance, you’ll soon find that you have precisely the tools you need to turn your concentration back where it belongs—on making better pictures!”

    —George Jardine, digital photography consultant

    “As a photographer himself, Martin Evening knows what tools photographers need to realize their creative vision. In this book, he shows not only how Adobe Photoshop Lightroom works but also why it will become an essential part of any photographer’s workflow.”

    —Greg Gorman, photographer

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Introduction
      1. Lightroom book updates
      2. Acknowledgments
    5. Contents
    6. 1. Introducing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
      1. What is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?
      2. What you need
      3. Installing Lightroom
      4. Getting help
      5. Introducing the Lightroom interface
      6. A quickstart guide to Lightroom
      7. Working through the book
    7. 2. Importing photos
      1. The main Import dialog
    8. 3. The Library module
      1. About Lightroom catalogs
      2. The Library Module panels
      3. Exploring the Library module
    9. 4. Develop module image editing
      1. Image editing in Lightroom
      2. Steps for getting accurate color
      3. The Develop module interface
      4. The Basic panel
      5. The Tone Curve panel
      6. Lens Corrections panel
      7. Assessing your images
      8. Image retouching
      9. Easing the workflow
    10. 5. The art of black and white
      1. Black-and-white conversions
      2. Fine-tuning black-and-white images
    11. 6. Sharpening and noise reduction
      1. Capture sharpen for a sharp start
    12. 7. Exporting from Lightroom
      1. Opening images in Photoshop
      2. Exporting from Lightroom
    13. 8. Printing
      1. The Print module
    14. 9. Presenting your work
      1. The Book module
      2. The Slideshow module
      3. The Web module
    15. 10. Managing your photos in Lightroom
      1. Working with metadata
      2. Photo filtering and searches
      3. Geotagging images
    16. Appendix. Lightroom Preferences and Settings
      1. General preferences
      2. Presets preferences
      3. External Editing preferences
      4. File Handling preferences
      5. Interface preferences
      6. Lightroom settings and templates
      7. The Lightroom preference file
      8. Customizing the Lightroom contents
      9. System information
      10. The ideal computer for Lightroom
    17. Index

    Product information

    • Title: The Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 5 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: June 2013
    • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
    • ISBN: 9780133441420