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The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation

Book Description

Take an in-depth look at the art and techniques of stop-motion animation. The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation helps experienced stop-motion artists enhance their craft by exploring the professional methods and advanced technology used by top film studios today. This book features expanded coverage of the basic principles of animation, including specific applications for character performance and visual effect compositing techniques. All the newest technology is touched on, including detailed information on camera rigs, effects, and shooting stop-motion in stereoscopic 3D. Discover new puppet building techniques, including the technology behind the rapid prototyping of computer models for stop-motion production. You'll even find a thorough history of early feature-length stop-motion films. The practical techniques and skills presented are enhanced by interviews with many of the most celebrated stop-motion artists as well as coverage of the work of several artists working in the online stop-motion community. Whether your focus is low-budget indie filmmaking or big studio productions, The Advanced Art of Stop-Motion Animation provides a comprehensive look at both the latest methods and the artists who are driving the revival of stop-motion animation.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Tribute to Lisa Jane Gray (1959–2009)
  3. Foreword
    1. My Journey
    2. Your Journey and This Book
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
    1. On the CD
    2. CD-ROM Downloads
  6. 1. History of Stop-Motion Feature Films
  7. 2. An Interview with Screen Novelties
  8. 3. Building Puppets
    1. Plug-In Wire and Sockets
    2. Hands and Feet
    3. Puppet Anatomy
    4. Silicone
      1. Casting a Silicone Puppet
      2. Making a Silicone Mold
    5. Plastic Casting
    6. Face Armatures
    7. Replacement Faces and Rapid Prototyping
    8. Replacement Animation Puppets
  9. 4. Digital Cinematography
    1. Digital Camera Basics
      1. ISO
      2. Aperture and Shutter Speed
      3. Depth of Field
      4. White Balance
    2. Camera Effects
      1. Rack Focus
      2. Blurring Effects
      3. Camera Moves
      4. Stereoscopic Photography
  10. 5. An Interview with Pete Kozachik, ASC
  11. 6. An Interview with Trey Thomas
  12. 7. Character Animation
    1. Animation Technique
      1. Timing
      2. Arcs
      3. Overlapping Action
      4. Anticipation
    2. Performance
      1. Two-Character Dialogue
      2. Lip Sync
  13. 8. An Interview with Bronwen Kyffin
  14. 9. Visual Effects
    1. Film Compositing
    2. Digital Compositing
      1. Split-Screen and Masks
      2. Blue/Green Screen
      3. Front Light/Back Light
      4. Advanced Compositing for Ava
      5. Effects
    3. Rig and Shadow Removal
    4. Motion Blur
    5. Eye Compositing Effects for Madame Tutli-Putli
  15. 10. An Interview with Larry Bafia and Webster Colcord
  16. 11. An Interview with Marc Spess
  17. 12. An Interview with Ryan McCulloch
  18. 13. An Interview with Justin and Shel Rasch
  19. Bibliography and Further Reading
    1. Books, Articles, and Publications on Stop-Motion Animation
    2. Other Useful Books about Animation and Puppetry
    3. Online Resources Cited for the History of Stop-Motion Animation