The Agile Architecture Revolution: How Cloud Computing, REST-Based SOA, and Mobile Computing Are Changing Enterprise IT

Book description

A sneak peek at up-and-coming trends in IT, a multidimensional vision for achieving business agility through agile architectures

The Agile Architecture Revolution places IT trends into the context of Enterprise Architecture, reinventing Enterprise Architecture to support continuous business transformation. It focuses on the challenges of large organizations, while placing such organizations into the broader business ecosystem that includes small and midsize organizations as well as startups.

  • Organizes the important trends that are facing technology in businesses and public sector organizations today and over the next several years

  • Presents the five broad organizing principles called Supertrends: location independence, global cubicle, democratization of technology, deep interoperability, and complex systems engineering

  • Provides a new perspective on service-oriented architecture in conjunction with architectural approaches to cloud computing and mobile technologies that explain how organizations can achieve better business visibility through IT and enterprise architecture

Laying out a multidimensional vision for achieving agile architectures, this book discusses the crisis points that promise sudden, transformative change, unraveling how organizations' spending on IT will continue to undergo radical change over the next ten years.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Wiley Cio Series
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Foreword
  7. Preface
  8. Part One: Enterprise as Complex System
    1. Chapter 1: Introducing Agile Architecture
      1. Deconstructing Agile
      2. Architecting Software/Human Systems
      3. Meta Thinking and Agile Architecture
      4. Defining Architecture: Worse Than Herding Cats
      5. Why Nobody is Doing Enterprise Architecture
      6. Complex Systems: At the Heart of Agile Architecture
    2. Chapter 2: Shhh, Don't Tell Anyone, but Let's Talk about Service-Oriented Architecture
      1. Rumors of SOA's Demise...
      2. Thinking Outside the SOA Box
      3. Okay, So How Did SOA End Up Dead in the First Place?
      4. Services: The Core SOA Lesson
      5. Implementing Policy-Driven Behavior
      6. What's the Deal with Web Services?
      7. The Third Conversation
      8. Freeing Architecture from the Underlying Infrastructure
      9. Implementing SOA without an ESB
      10. The SOA Marketing Paradox and the Wizard of Oz
    3. Chapter 3: Governance: The Secret to Satisfying the Business Agility Meta-Requirement
      1. Organizational Context for Governance
      2. Architecture-Driven Governance: Beyond IT Governance
      3. Rethinking Quality
      4. Introducing the Agility Model
      5. Meta-Policy Governance
      6. Interrelationships among Governance, Quality, and Management
      7. Four Stages of Agile Architecture Governance
      8. Architecture-Driven Governance and the Butterfly Effect
    4. Chapter 4: The Enterprise as Complex System
      1. Engineering the Enterprise with Complex Systems Engineering
      2. Best-Effort Quality and the Agile Architecture Quality Star
      3. Best-Effort Quality in Action
      4. Resilience: The Flip Side of Agility
      5. The Flash Mob Enterprise
    5. Chapter 5: Agile Architecture in Practice
      1. The Composition Vision for IT
      2. Vision to Reality: Rethinking Integration
      3. Aligning Agile Architecture with BPM
      4. Business Modeling and Agile Architecture
      5. Processes That Satisfy the Meta-Requirement of Agility
  9. Part Two: The ZapThink 2020 Vision
    1. Chapter 6: You Say You Want a Revolution...
      1. Five Supertrends of Enterprise IT
      2. Continuous Business Transformation: At the Center of ZapThink 2020
      3. Where's Our Deep Interoperability?
      4. The Crisis Points of the ZapThink 2020 Vision
      5. Big Data Explosion and the Christmas Day Bomber
      6. Stuxnet and Wikileaks: Harbingers of Cyberwar
      7. Cybersecurity the Agile Architecture Way
      8. The Generation Y Crisis Point
    2. Chapter 7: The Democratization of Enterprise IT
      1. Demise of the Enterprise IT Department
      2. The Agile Architecture Approach to IT Project Management
      3. Crisis Point: The Enterprise Application Crash
      4. Replacing Enterprise Software: Easier Said than Done
  10. Part Three: Implementing Agile Architecture
    1. Chapter 8: Deep Interoperability: Getting REST Right (Finally!)
      1. Programmable Interfaces: The Never-Ending Story
      2. REST to the Rescue
      3. Dogmatic vs. Iconoclastic REST
      4. REST vs. Web Services
      5. Can REST Fix Web Services?
      6. Does REST Provide Deep Interoperability?
      7. Where is the SOA in REST-Based SOA?
      8. REST-Based SOA: An Iconoclastic Approach
    2. Chapter 9: Finally, Let's Move to the Cloud
      1. Déjà Vu All Over Again
      2. Countering Vendor Spin with Architecture
      3. Interlude: Neutralizing the Cloud Threat
      4. Why Cloud Computing Scares the Platform Vendors
      5. Architecting beyond Cloud Computing's Horseless Carriage
      6. BASE Jumping in the Cloud: Rethinking Data Consistency
      7. Cloud Multitenancy: More than Meets the Eye
      8. Keys to Enterprise Public Cloud
      9. Why Public Clouds are More Secure than Private Clouds
      10. Why You Really, Truly Don't Want a Private Cloud
      11. Avoiding Unexpected Cloud Economics Pitfalls
      12. Rethinking Cloud Service Level Agreements
      13. Are Your Software Licenses Cloud Friendly?
      14. Garbage in the Cloud
      15. Beware Fake Clouds
      16. Learning the Right Lessons from the 2011 and 2012 Amazon Crashes
      17. Failure is the Only Option
      18. Cloud Configuration Management: Where the Rubber Hits the Clouds
      19. Clouds, SOA, REST, and State
      20. The Secret of a RESTful Cloud
      21. BPM in the Cloud: Disruptive Technology
      22. Cloud-Oriented Architecture and the Internet of Things
      23. Location Independence: The Buckaroo Banzai Effect
      24. Postscript: The Cloud is the Computer
    3. Chapter 10: Can We Do Agile Enterprise Architecture?
      1. Frameworks and Methodologies and Styles, Oh My!
      2. The Beginning of the End for Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
      3. How to Buy an Agile Architecture
      4. The Dangers of Checklist Architecture
  11. Conclusion
  12. List of Abbreviations
  13. About the Author
  14. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Agile Architecture Revolution: How Cloud Computing, REST-Based SOA, and Mobile Computing Are Changing Enterprise IT
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118409770