Team Tribes: A Story

The business jungle is as vast as it can be dangerous. Many different Tribes, or business units, inhabit the jungle, and they rarely interact with one another unless they are trading goods and services, seeking to expand their influence, or fighting. The landscape of the jungle is littered with once-meaningful artifacts and orphaned documents, as well as the remains of unfinished projects and the ashes of currency and project funds burned away. An overall fear of the unknown marks the well-tread paths that lead to each Tribe. This is not a safe jungle, and if you were to go off the beaten path, you would find the warning markers of imminent danger and the tombs of those who tried to change culture. Members of some departments often visit the shrines that surround the mystical waterfall, where the cadenced flow of the water reminds them of well-instituted processes and procedures that tend to keep the world in balance. Each business Tribe is different, with its own culture and history, and each has its own fears and reservations about change.

A typical business Tribe works very well within its own boundaries and influence. Each business unit contains a leader-diplomat who goes out to work with the other leaders of the different Tribes. The leader-diplomats are usually pillars within their departments and are well equipped with the knowledge of how things are done. They are the keepers of the status quo, and they can exert great influence over others ...

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