Ms The different types of money in the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, classified in a range from M0 (narrowest) to M3 (broadest). For example, M1 is money held in banks; M1-A is cash held in bank accounts excluding deposits by foreign-owned banks and nonbank depositories; M1+ is the basic money supply; M1-B is M1-A money plus other checkable deposits at all depository institutions; M2 is M1-B money plus savings and time deposits under $100,000 and money market funds; M3 is M2 money plus savings and time deposits over $10,000 and institutional money market funds.

Maastricht treaty Legislation signed in 1992 that created the EUROPEAN UNION. It led eventually to the creation of the ECONOMIC AND MONETARY UNION.

Machiavellian From The Prince by Niccolo ...

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