11 • A Need for War

“How is a choice to betray oneself a choice to go to war?” Lou asked, troubled by the claim.

“Because when I betray myself,” Yusuf answered, “I create within myself a new need—a need that causes me to see others accusingly, a need that causes me to care about something other than truth and solutions, and a need that invites others to do the same in response.”

“What need is that?” Pettis asked.

Yusuf turned back to the Choice Diagram. “At the beginning here, when I had the desire to help Mordechai, how would you say I was seeing him? Was he a person or an object to me?”

The group collectively murmured, “He was a person.”

“How about down here at the end, when I was in this box. Was he still a person to me then?”

They looked ...

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