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The Animation Pimp

Book Description

For five years, Chris Robinson wrote a monthly column for Animation World Network (AWN) called The Animation Pimp. Although it began as a way for Robinson to let off steam in his role as director of one of the world's largest animation festivals, the column quickly gained a cult following and just as quickly became a platform for the author's frank, provocative, and frequently very funny musings on the world of animation and his own life. The Animation Pimp collects the best of these pieces, which range from the nuts and bolts of running a festival to sex, death, superheroes, aesthetics, and the living dead. Robinson's unhinged prose is accompanied by some eighty drawings by the award-winning German artist and animator Andreas Hykade. In the spirit of Hunter Thompson, Nick Tosches, and Richard Meltzer, The Animation Pimp is an outrageous, funny, and ultimately truthful account of the chaos and glimmers of illumination in an art form and a life. The Animation Pimp is the first in a series of official guides published in collaboration with AWN Press. Each book covers major facets of the animation industry and offers a one-of-a-kind look into the careers of industry icons.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Foreword
  4. Pimpology
    1. The Beginning of the End of the Beginning...
    2. The Beginning of the End of the Beginning, Part 2: Revolver
    3. The Beginning of the End of the Beginning, Part 3: The Tent
      1. Fast Forward
    4. Frolicking in the Tent
      1. Nick and Dick
      2. Tent Pegs
  5. Festivals and Their Discontents
    1. The Animation Pimp
      1. Intermission
    2. Annecy, Audiences, Art and Sandwiches
    3. Proposal Modest A
    4. Greetings from St. Helena
    5. Via Slug’s Saloon
    6. Rant
    7. How To Avoid Pissing Me Off or ... Ottawa Festival Entry Tips
      1. Fill out the entry form
      2. Read the Rules and Regulations
      3. Check your tape
      4. Cue your tape
      5. Rejection
        1. a. Nothing personal
        2. b. Don’t ask for detailed feedback
        3. c. Have some perspective
        4. d. Don’t brag in defense
      6. This invitation is NOT transferable
      7. I can’t afford to ship my film, can you pay?...
      8. Beta transfers
      9. A little sugar, baby
      10. P.S.
    8. From Quays to Krays?
    9. ASIFA-East Festival. May 16, 2004. Manhattan.
      1. Other No Less Disturbing NY moments
  6. The Aesthetics of Animation
    1. In Search of STUFF, Part 1: (F)art
      1. Plato’s Take
      2. Aristotle Has Some Ideas...
      3. Nietzsche’s Two Thoughts...
      4. A-ha! Kant Has A Point
    2. In Search of STUFF, Part 2: Yummy and Yucky
      1. What is Judgement? (Kant)
      2. What Does It Mean To Have Taste? (Bourdieu)
    3. In Search of STUFF, Part 3: Fear of a Non-Narrative Planet
      1. Conclusion
    4. Aural Allochezia
  7. Sex & Death
    1. “Long Live Tits”
    2. Shrekxxx
    3. Animation to Get Off To?
      1. Settlin’ Down For Some Good, Ol’ Fashioned...
      2. The Point Is?
    4. “And Never Die... And Never Die...”
      1. Violent Toons
      2. Consequences DO Exist
      3. Take A Serious Look
      4. A Dose of Reality
    5. Father Who Takes the Darkness Away
  8. Styles of Radical Animation
    1. Why is it Not Done?
      1. Conservative and Homogeneous
      2. But It’s Not So Simple
    2. Clinging to a small piece of nothing in the middle of nowhere
    3. Chillax
    4. Andreas Hykade’s Great Balls of Fire
    5. Scratch Fever
  9. Identity Politics
    1. Just Like Us?
      1. We Even Have A Word For It
      2. An Enduring Love
      3. A Deeper Reason, Of Course
    2. Like Everyone, I’m Not Like Everybody Else
    3. Is There a Gay in the House?
      1. Nipple
      2. SpongeBob
      3. Buster and Patty
  10. Tubular Distractions
    1. A Modest Request
      1. Where Is It?
      2. A Deeper Side?
      3. Stuck
    2. Pleasure and Pain: Ren & Stimpy’s Adult Cartoon Party
      1. “Ren & Stimpy”
    3. Justice League—What’s with These People?
      1. Extreme Violence without Death
      2. Dialogue
      3. Batman
      4. Aquaman
      5. Green Lantern
      6. Wonder Woman
      7. Hawkgirl/Martian Manhunter
      8. Superman
      9. What’s Missing?
    4. Harvey Birdman: A Tale Told by an Idiot
  11. Human Frailty
    1. Can’t Escape You
      1. Quitting
      2. Depictions of Hell
      3. Animated Tales of Booze
      4. A New, Strange Road
    2. You Never Know
      1. The Full Picture
      2. Too Much Information
    3. Donald Duck is an Asshole
    4. Carnivale
    5. Ryan
      1. Background
      2. The Film
      3. Ryan
      4. Aftermath
    6. Just Kept Walkin’
      1. Postscript
  12. Seasonal Dysphoria
    1. Speaking of Bloated Asses...
    2. Ho Ho Ho
      1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
      2. A Christmas Carol
      3. Olive the Other Reindeer/Robbie the Reindeer
      4. South Park: Mr. Hankey
      5. A Charlie Brown Christmas
      6. The PJs: How The Super Stole Christmas
      7. Epilogue
    3. Elbows and Cakeholes
      1. The Cumbersome Process
      2. No Shortage of Shortcomings...
      3. Can We Help?
    4. Chaos x Order + Fragments x Whole + Process x End(s) = The 2003 Year in Review!
      1. The Animation Pimp’s 2003 Year in Review (as told to the author by jolts of memory flashes)
        1. January
        2. February
        3. March
        4. April
        5. May
        6. June
        7. July
        8. August
        9. September
        10. October
        11. November
        12. December
  13. Fringe Benefits
    1. The Old Man and The Sea: A Plagiarism (not the film)
    2. You Don’t Kick a Zombie When It’s Down, You Shoot It in the Head
      1. Recorded Zombie Attacks
        1. 1997. A.D. Annecy, France
        2. 2000. A.D. Montreal, Quebec
        3. 2000-2004. A.D. Nonspecific Internet-Spread Attacks
        4. 2004. A.D. Montreal, Quebec
      2. Ten Ways to Stop the ASIFA Zombie
    3. The Stars
  14. Who’s Who