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The Answers: North Korea

Book Description

How do you solve a problem like North Korea? Much has been written about the deaths of North Korea's first two leaders, Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il, and the implications for the country and its people, but what about the future? Is the Korean peninsula doomed to an unstable, insecure future, or does a brighter future lie ahead? Above all, how is North Korea doing and what will be the fate of its people in the future? This matters, because instability in a region with traditional enmities, unresolved conflicts and nuclear weapons clearly has the potential for disaster. In this book, North Korean expert Andrew Logie recognizes that the government and reality of life in North Korea is often simply unknown. So, as well as providing a guide to the future this book also focuses on the present – answering questions such as: How and why is North Korea hungry and what have been the effects? What does North Korea seek through its violent provocations and how does it get away with it? Why has North Korea not collapsed? What can and is being done to expedite the collapse of the regime (without provoking war)? And what can be done to alleviate North Koreans' current suffering?