The Pointing Wireless Device for Delivery of Location Based Applications

Pamela Kerwin, John Ellenby and Jeffrey Jay

19.1 Next Generation Wireless Devices

Wireless devices stand at a new frontier. Reduction in the cost and size of powerful processors allow handsets, PDAs and digital cameras to advance from single purpose devices to complete multimedia platforms. Broader bandwidth networks allow vastly expanded functionality in these devices.

This platform is more than a small television or tiny computer. It is an entirely new medium with its own limitations and advantages. Most importantly it is used in a completely unique way.

Exciting opportunities abound for content providers and users of these new devices.

19.2 The Platform

Phones have daylight viewable color screens and significant processing power. They include technology that allows them to determine exactly where they are. They support Internet connectivity, numerous applications, video and music. However, since they are pocket devices, they remain small and input to these devices continues to be difficult.

The devices put incredible power in a user's hand. The prospect of having immediate access to information and entertainment at any time wherever you may be is truly compelling.

19.3 New Multimedia Applications

Certainly we are seeing new applications and content becoming available for these platforms. Users can download digital music and play interactive games. Enterprise applications, travel programs, video conferencing, ...

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