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Job: 03-30364 Title: Rp-Architecture Reference & Specification
C68927_#175 DTP: 216 Page: 249
Job: 03-30364 Title: Rp-Architecture Reference & Specification
C68927_#175 DTP: 216 Page: 248
Rise: Vertical difference in
elevation, as in the rise of
a stair.
Riser: Vertical face between
two treads of a stair; also,
vertical run of plumbing,
ductwork, or wiring.
Room cavity ratio: Ratio of
room dimensions used to
determine how light will inter-
act with the room’s surfaces.
Rotunda: Space that is
circular in plan and covered
by a dome.
Run: Horizontal dimension of
a stair, ramp, or other slope.
Rustication: Masonry
pattern consisting of large
blocks with deep joints.
R-value: Measure of the
capacity of a material to
resist the transfer of heat.
Saarinen, Eero: (1910-1961)
Finnish-American architect
and son of Eliel Saarinen.
Notable buildings include the
Miller House in Columbus,
Indiana, the Gateway Arch in
St. Louis, and the TWA Termi-
nal at JFK Airport.
Pitch: Slope of a roof or
other inclined surface, usu-
ally expressed as inches
of rise per foot of run
(X:12, when X is a number
between 1 and 12).
Plan: Architectural drawing
of a view of the horizontal
planes of the building,
showing their relationship to
each other, and acting as a
horizontal section.
Plenum: Space between a
suspended ceiling and the
structure above, used for
mechanical ductwork, pip-
ing, and wiring.
Pointing: Process of apply-
ing mortar to the outside
surface of a mortar joint
after laying the masonry,
as a means of nishing the
joint or making repairs to an
existing joint.
Portico: Entrance porch.
Precast concrete: Concrete
that is cast and cured in a
location other than its nal
Prefabricated building:
Buildings consisting of
components such as walls,
oors, and roofs that are
built off-site (often in a fac-
tory), then shipped to the
site for assembly.
Purlin: Beams spanning
across the slope of a roof
that support the roof
Quoin: Corner stones in a
wall made distinct from the
surrounding wall by being
larger, of a different texture,
or having deeper joints to
make the stones protrude.
Rabbet: Notch in wood for
joining pieces or recessed
parts in a typical door
Rafter: Roof framing
member that runs in the
direction of slope.
Reflected ceiling plan:
Upside-down plan drawing
that documents the ceiling
Retaining wall: Site wall
built for resisting lateral
displacement of soil, water,
or other material.
RFP (Request for Pro-
posal): Ofcial invitation
for architects to submit
qualications and proposals
to perform a project.
Rib: Fold or bend in a sheet
of deck.
Ridge: Horizontal line cre-
ated at the connection of
two sloping roof surfaces.
Glossary 249
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