Chapter 8Mobile Marketing

An Introduction

People have grown pretty fond of their phones. Their little devices of metal, plastic, and glass are like phantom limbs and they panic if they (gasp!) forget it, even for a few hours. This addiction means that consumers have become used to having their mobile devices with them constantly. So what opportunity does this pose for marketers? Right you are. A big one.

This chapter will focus on the mobile marketing industry, and how you, the digital marketer, can get up close and personal with your customers.


Effective mobile marketing is a cycle of discovery. Since it is a relatively new channel, there is no real rule book to follow—so you will need to experiment with and augment your strategy as you go along. However, as seen in Figure 8.1, a process does exist for effective mobile marketing.

The figure depicting four-step mobile marketing process. The four steps opportunity, optimize, advertise, and analyze are written in the four circles, and four curved arrows (clockwise) representing the direction of the process.

Figure 8.1 Four-Step Mobile Marketing Process

This chapter will address the four main stages of mobile marketing's iterative process:

  1. Opportunity. Chapter 8 begins by discussing how mobile use has taken ...

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