10.4. Important tools for legacy code unit testing

Here are a few tips on tools that can give you a head start if you’re doing any testing on existing code in .NET:

  • Isolate dependencies easily with JustMock or Typemock Isolator.
  • Use JMockit for Java legacy code.
  • Use Vise while refactoring your Java code.
  • Use FitNesse for acceptance tests before you refactor.
  • Read Michael Feathers’s book on legacy code.
  • Use NDepend to investigate your production code.
  • Use ReSharper to navigate and refactor your production code more easily.
  • Detect duplicate code (and bugs) with Simian and TeamCity.

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

10.4.1. Isolate dependencies easily with unconstrained isolation frameworks

Unconstrained frameworks such as Typemock ...

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