The Art & Science Of JavaScript222
Figure 7.3. The Flickr Organizrs geotagging interface
Getting at the Data
Flickr has a very friendly policy around what you can do with the data associated with your own
photos. The policy is this: you created the photos, so they belong to you, and you should be able
to do whatever you want with them. This philosophy translates into a bewildering array of practical
options for pulling data out of the service.
The Flickr API
If youre building server-side or desktop applications, Flickrs Web Services API gives you the
ability to do almost anything thats possible on the site itself. In fact, Flickrs Ajax code actually
uses the API when you rename a photo, add tags to it, or drag it on to a map. Fire up the Firebug
or LiveHTTPHeaders
Firefox extensions while using Flickr to watch the Ajax in action.
Our simple map application doesnt need access to private data, nor does it need to make any
changes to the data stored on the site. As a result, we can skip the API entirely and use a powerful
but less well-known alternative: the feeds.

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