Practice Test 2

General Science

Time: 11 Minutes

Questions: 25

Directions: This section tests your general knowledge in the area of science. Carefully read each question below and choose the answer choice that best answers the question.

  1. The study of plants is called
    1. (A) botany.
    2. (B) ecology.
    3. (C) zoology.
    4. (D) chemistry.
  2. If a species’ body composition changes in response to survival needs, the theory of ____________ applies.
    1. (A) cell regeneration
    2. (B) gene therapy
    3. (C) evolution
    4. (D) homeostasis
  3. All of the following are aspects of thermodynamics theory except:
    1. (A) Energy never disappears.
    2. (B) Energy transfer cannot be completed in single-cell organisms.
    3. (C) Energy gets converted to other forms.
    4. (D) Energy transfer is not completely efficient. ...

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