Practice Test 3

General Science

Time: 11 Minutes

Questions: 25

Directions: This section tests your general knowledge in the area of science. Carefully read each question and choose the answer choice that best answers the question.

  1. A producer
    1. (A) eats other organisms for food.
    2. (B) survives in extreme cold.
    3. (C) creates its own food.
    4. (D) eats only plants.
  2. Genetic information is found in
    1. (A) endoplastic reticulum.
    2. (B) lysosome.
    3. (C) golgi.
    4. (D) chromosomes.
  3. Digestion begins when
    1. (A) food enters the mouth and is broken down.
    2. (B) food enters the stomach.
    3. (C) stomach contents enter the small intestine.
    4. (D) contents of the stomach move from the small intestine to the large intestine.
  4. The rate of change of velocity of an object is
    1. (A) work. ...

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