Conversations with Awakened Millionaires(Excerpts from Hypnotic Gold interviews by Joe Vitale,

Paul Zane Pilzer served as an economic advisor to two U.S. presidents, and is world-renowned as a leading predictor of economic catalyst and trends. He is author of five best-selling books including Unlimited Wealth, The Next Trillion, and The Wellness Revolution. His books are published in 24 languages. Pilzer started several entrepreneurial businesses, earning his first $1 million before age 26, and his first $10 million before age 30.

“I believe I am a scientist, as close as an economist can be to a scientist, and I'm realistic. Because, I've certainly called on things that were going to be negative as I did in the savings and loan crisis, which I was one of the first people to write a book about, and predict it was coming in the early 1980s. On the general economy, I'm optimistic and it really comes from fundamental science. I mean all of wealth, if we define it, is based on the physical things we like from housing, food, transportation, cars. All the items we have we might call our wealth.

“Traditional economics is about scarcity. If you remember your first year's economics class, if you went to college or high school and studied economics, the first line is ‘Economics is the study of scarcity.’ There's a limited supply out there, the old economists say or many economists today say, on land, minerals, and wealth, and fresh water, and oil, and how we rob from ...

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