The Fourth-Dimension Process: Triggering Hypermanifestation for Wealth

An attempt at visualizing the Fourth Dimension: Take a point, stretch it into a line, curl it into a circle, twist it into a sphere, and punch through that sphere.


Perception has a destiny.


I'm shaking as I write this. This special report is my first explanation of the fourth-dimension process. I'm excited. It works. I believe it holds the key to a new world of possibilities because, in the fourth dimension, anything really is possible!

Let me explain—and prove—it to you: Most people are trying to manifest what they want by working within an unconscious set of limiting beliefs. They don't know it, but their current reality was created by their existing unconscious mindset. Until they change their paradigm, it will be difficult to create any lasting, dramatic new change, whether to increase wealth or anything else. They will just keep playing in the same sandbox.

This illustration helps explain the issue:

Figure representing an image depicting the filter sorting through everything. A human stick figure is placed in the center and on its top is a rectangle denoting “requests sent to the universe. Inspiration received from the universe.” This rectangle is bidirectionally connected with The Universe. On the left and right of the human figure are ellipses (your beliefs) divided into conscious and unconscious beliefs. A rectangle on both the sides denotes “results received are always according to your unconscious beliefs.”

The image shows that the filter sorting through everything—from inspirations to intentions—is in the unconscious mind. That filter is our belief system. Whether anyone allows something into their life—wealth, romance, or anything else—depends on what is in their unconscious mind.

If they have beliefs about, for example, money being bad or evil, then that belief will prevent money from ...

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