Inside the Creed

Throughout the manifesto, you found the core tenants of the Awakened Millionaire: “The Awakened Millionaire's Creed.”

At the heart of everything you do as an Awakened Millionaire is the creed. Every action you take, every intuitive direction you follow, every intention you set, and every decision you make lies the creed. Your passion, your purpose, and your mission are in direct alignment with the creed. It is the bedrock of your entire journey. And while you will be a unique expression of the Awakened Millionaire, we all use this creed to guide us and unite us.

So it's important you understand what each element of the creed is, what it stands for, and how to translate it into reality.

Let's begin.

Awakened Millionaires Are Driven First by Their Passion, Purpose, and Mission

There is no Awakened Millionaire without passion, purpose, and mission. It is, and will always be, your source of direction, strength, and light. If you anchor yourself deeply within your passion, purpose, and mission, you will never stray far from your path. It is due north for your internal compass.

As you traveled with me through this manifesto, you experienced exciting aspects and opportunities waiting for you. Perhaps it's the thrill of a transformed relationship with money. Perhaps it's activating the fundamental power of your intuition. Perhaps it's the idea of money and soul working together in harmony to lift you and your mission to the level of resonance it's capable of becoming. ...

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