It's a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.

—Albert Camus

Our war with money is not just waged in our conscious minds. In fact, most of it is spurred by our subconscious and unconscious minds.

Buried deep within us are the learned habits, perspectives, patterns, and judgments we've inherited. And they turn into a behemoth standing in our way: blocks, limiting beliefs, and counterintentions.

Consciously you want one thing: money.

Unconsciously you want something else: money is evil so keep it away.

Since the unconscious is bigger, bolder, stronger, and in control, what it believes will win.

The mental blocks might be our inability to even imagine ourselves standing in awakened abundance.

They may be an inability to even consider a new relationship with money or a new truth about money's neutral nature.

They may be pure disbelief in a world where we are free from the evil touch of money.

It doesn't matter if we can consciously wrap our heads around it and accept these possibilities. If our subconscious minds are blocked to the possibilities, our subconscious minds will ultimately win the battle.

Limiting beliefs might have us secretly convinced we don't have the courage, the will power, or the follow-through to bring our soulful passions to fruition.

They may take the form of instantaneous subconscious doubt when we even consider the possibility of having a flowing source of money into our lives.

They may be the ...

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