14How Much Is Enough?

I've got all the money I'll ever need if I die by four o'clock.

—Henny Youngman

How much is enough?

At some point the Awakened Millionaire must come to grips with the idea of scarcity versus abundance. In the old view of looking at the world, scarcity is what drives people. They work to pay the bills. Because of issues with beliefs about money and success and worthiness, it is always a struggle. Rarely does one stop fighting through life to get to a place that one trusts enough to rest—most have to keep working.

In the new view of the world, there is more than enough. There is abundance. It's basically the same world, but the Awakened Millionaire sees opportunities where before he or she saw none. They realize that money, in one form or another, is available for all. It need not to be governed or restricted or dealt out. It's available, and following your passion is how you profit and receive your share.

But how much of a share do you need? How much is enough? Do you stop receiving money when you hit a specific number? Do you stop working when you achieve a particular dream?

The Awakened Millionaire realizes there isn't a cut-off number or a deadline for passion. As long as money comes in, they receive it and become a steward for it. As long as passion pumps through their veins, they continue doing work that feels like energetic play.

And as long as people are willing to pay for the service or product the Awakened Millionaire provides, then receiving it ...

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