16The Win–Win–Win

Money alone sets all the world in motion.

—Publilius Syrus

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Awakened Millionaire is expressed in three words: win–win–win.

When we stay true to our creed, true to our mission, and true to our values, then everyone wins. We win, our customers win, and the community wins.

We win because we have successfully delivered immense value to our customers. Our customers win through the impact our product or service offers them. The community, whether it's local or global, wins by the proliferation of positive actions happening within it.

Just one transaction imbued with the win–win–win spirit generates a ripple effect that can touch hundreds, thousands, and in some cases, millions of lives.

A little-known secret to attracting success in all areas of life is to look for the win–win–win in every relationship.

  • I don't want to win but have the other side lose.
  • I don't want just a win–win, either, though both sides winning is pretty cool.
  • I want to complete the circuit with everyone involved winning.

This is far more than what most people do. Let me explain with a story.

For the past 10 years we have lived peacefully in the Hill Country of Texas. We love it here. There is a vacant, two-acre lot beside my home office. The owners of it visit their property once a year and when I see them I try to buy it from them. They refuse. They come back a year later. I offer to buy it again. They refuse. And so it goes. The situation has been acceptable ...

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