Money is usually attracted, not pursued.

—Jim Rohn


If you will step one foot in, and then the other, you must then lower your center of gravity and dig your heels into the dirt. It is time to make a decision.

For you, as the Awakened Millionaire, are a decisive creature. You do not prolong decisions that must be made. You make your decisions with conviction, for there is power in decision.

While fear holds others back from making certain decisions, you plow through. The fear will not disappear simply because you wish it. Fear, in whatever shape, will be there. But you are not slowed down by fear, and if you are, not for long—for there are decisions to be made, actions to be taken, and abundance to be achieved.

Fear is the Great Feedback. Fear lets you know you're on the right path. If you do not feel that fear, it might mean you are not pushing yourself close enough to your true potential as an Awakened Millionaire.

The transformations before you can be uncomfortable, especially with the screaming of your subconscious that doesn't want to change. Our subconscious minds are quite content where they are; they cherish their control. But ultimately, we must reshape our consciousness to embrace change, embrace fear, and become our cherished ally.

You will make mistakes. You will stumble. You might suffer. You might quickly realize there was a better way—but you are not shaken in these moments. Challenges are opportunities to learn.

There are no bad decisions ...

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