All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas—not money.

—Robert Collier


There is no more war. Money is no longer your enemy. Any financial struggle you might feel is no longer the fault of an outside force.

You, and only you, have responsibility and you will cherish that responsibility. You are no longer the victim and you will lavish in that freedom. Start now, with a commitment.

Make a commitment to reawaken your relationship with money. Make a quiet pledge to look at money with new eyes. See its simple nature. See its neutral way. See the tool it can be and the soul it can support. You are in control.

Money is not the root of all evil because money is neutral. You are in control. Money is no longer the great destroyer but rather a force of creation of your own design. You are in control. Money cannot corrupt you because it has no power of its own. It only has your power. You are in control. Money cannot harden your heart because you bring love and respect. There is no hardness in love and respect. You are in control.

Money cannot control you, imprison you, or change you. It never could. Only your thoughts about money controlled you. Only your emotions behind money imprisoned you. Only your habits with money chained you.

Those thoughts are changing. You are awakening. You are finding your soulful control. As you move through this moment of reawakening, you wonder, “How could this charade of a war have lasted for so long? How have I lived this falsehood ...

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