26Your Inner Guide

The best way for a person to have happy thoughts is to count his blessings and not his cash.

—Author Unknown

Your Guide

Money. Soul. Power. Passion. Purpose. Mission. Business. Improvement. Reinvention. Discovery. To many, just one of these is enough to overwhelm them, but not to you, the Awakened Millionaire.


Because you have your secret weapon. Before rationality, before critical thinking, before planning and scheming, before the juggling act, lies the simple solution that gives you the power to wield all these forces—your intuition.

Your intuition is your guide, your compass, and your decision-maker. It is conviction in action and it requires no special skill. It simply requires you to listen and act.

Your intuition is speaking to you, right now, in this moment. Do you hear it? As you see the peak you strive to reach, as you see the fruits of your passion, and as you imagine the impact your mission will usher forward, your intuition is already working to find the best path to follow.

That's why you don't need maps or plans. There are times to write it down and draw out your options, but only to empower your intuition to guide you. In the light of your intuition, money can be found, soul can be nurtured, power can be wielded, passion can be forged, purpose can be divined, mission can be divined, business can be run, improvement can be natural, reinvention can be effortless, and discovery can be second nature.

Your intuition is your guide, so let ...

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