Macey, Jonathan R., 242n23

Mack, John, 232n17

Madoff, Bernard, 332n33

Majluf, Nicholas S., 305n21, 306n29

Mallaby, Sebastian, 309n49

Malysheva, Nadezhda, 288n10, 308n44

M&M. See Modigliani–Miller

manus iniectio, 244n4

Mariani, Pierre, 203

market capitalization, 268n20. See also market value(s) of equity, versus book value(s)

market economies: bankruptcy as normal in, 38; distortions in, 19798

market risks, 273n53

market value(s) of equity, versus book value(s), 8687, 11214, 268nn20–21, 279nn24–25

mark-to-market accounting, 124, 258n26

mark-to-model accounting, 268n21. See also mark-to-market accounting

Mary Poppins (movie), 211, 250n19

Mason, Joseph R., 251n20

Masters, Brooke, 230n6, 280n1

maturity transformation (mismatch), 15860; as core ...

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