The Best Job in the World: How to Make a Living From Following Your Dreams

Book description

The true story of the man with the Best Job in the World

The Best Job in the World is the story of how following your passions can lead to life-changing opportunities. Adventurer Ben Southall shares his experiences and lessons learned as the winner of the inaugural Tourism Queensland's Best Job in the World campaign, and reveals how this has led to ongoing opportunities since. Part autobiography, part insight into the power of a unique marketing campaign, this book follows Ben's journey—from leaving the UK on his own expedition around Africa to his new role as caretaker of Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef. You'll learn about the skills and experiences that shaped Ben's path, together with the inevitable pitfalls that he faced along the way to living his dream.

The sole winner of the Best Job in the World campaign, Ben's perspective is a unique one to share the serious challenges that arose from being catapulted into a high profile job in an idyllic location. Humorous and poignant, the story is as much holistic life guide as travel guide, providing a motivational and inspirational tale that may just be the push you need to:

  • Get inspired—see the opportunities around you and grab them with both hands

  • Embrace the unknown, overcome life's obstacles and challenge expectations

  • Live out your dreams and be your authentic self

  • Climb out of the rut and take part in the world around you

  • In The Best Job in the World, Ben Southall answers the questions everyone is asking: "What is it like? Is it really the best job in the world?" You'll learn how to transform your interests and passions into a flexible, long-term career, and how following the road less travelled can lead to living your best life. If you're dissatisfied, stuck in a rut or merely curious, The Best Job in the World is a must-read tale of aspiration, inspiration and motivation.

    Table of contents

    1. About the author
    2. Acknowledgements
    3. Introduction: Am I dreaming?
    4. Chapter 1: Finding my way
      1. An education
      2. Mumm's the word
      3. It began in Africa
      4. The migrating swallow
      5. Tragedy strikes
      6. Tragedy motivates
      7. Overland, under the spell
      8. The trip of a lifetime
      9. Birth of an expedition
      10. Colonel Mustard
    5. Chapter 2: Afritrex
      1. Crossing the border
      2. Luke the lifesaver
      3. An oasis in Nouakchott
      4. Life on the road
      5. Mr Song ‘n’ Dance
      6. A road less travelled
      7. At Big Milly's
      8. Let's go, comrades
      9. Our luck holds
      10. Partings
      11. Marathons, Mugabe and mountains
      12. Bandits, dust and decisions
      13. A race for the border
      14. The last marathon
    6. Chapter 3: Applying for the ‘best job in the world’
      1. It started with ‘that’ advert
      2. Is this the email you've been waiting for?
      3. My campaign — pulling out all the stops
      4. The lucky few
      5. The final contest
      6. The start of a love affair with the Reef
      7. The moment of truth
      8. Hey boss, I quit!
    7. Chapter 4: Life of an Island Caretaker
      1. Welcome to the world of television
      2. Starting on Hammo
      3. The busiest job in the world
      4. From outhouse to penthouse
      5. Lizard Island
      6. A ride with an outback angel
      7. Sailing on a piece of history
      8. Flying a chopper
      9. Diving the SS Yongala
      10. Eating adventures — from turtle to degustation
      11. Kayaking Hinchinbrook Island
      12. Caretaker of the Reef
      13. Behind the scenes — when there aren't enough hours in the day
      14. A sting in the tail
    8. Chapter 5: What to do for an encore
      1. Time to capitalise
      2. A quick tour of the planet
      3. A new start
      4. Daydream Island
    9. Chapter 6: The Best Expedition in the World
      1. In the wake of Captain Cook
      2. Aground!
      3. Kayaking the Great Barrier Reef
      4. Life on the ocean wave
      5. Losing a friend
      6. Run to the Endeavour River
    10. Chapter 7: Aussie 8
      1. I've got a plan
      2. The countdown
      3. One last scare
      4. 1. Bimberi Peak, ACT
      5. 2. Mount Kosciuszko, New South Wales
      6. 3. Mount Bogong, Victoria
      7. 4. Mount Ossa, Tasmania
      8. 5. Mount Woodroffe, South Australia
      9. 6. Mount Zeil, Northern Territory
      10. 7. Mount Meharry, Western Australia
      11. 8. Mount Bartle Frere, Queensland
    11. The best life in the world
    12. Photo Section
    13. Index
    14. Advert
    15. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: The Best Job in the World: How to Make a Living From Following Your Dreams
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2014
    • Publisher(s): Wrightbooks
    • ISBN: 9780730313762