The ability to grab, express, stimulate, push, provoke, blow. . .not really words you’d use to
describe your corporate identity. But we think they describe some of the latest and most innova-
tive letterhead and logo designs in use today. These designs grab attention, express a message,
stimulate interest, push a product, provoke a response, and blow the competition out of the water!
Today’s best designers are creating logo and letterhead designs that communicate their mes-
sage with bold graphics, unexpected textures, brilliant colors, and special effects. Judicious use
of these elements differentiates a good logo or letterhead system from a great one—and the truly
great ones have the added ability to convey the clients’ organizational personality at a glance.
The best way a logo or letterhead design can successfully communicate a company’s message is
with versatility. A good logo must be effective in one or multiple colors and able to appear in nu-
merous sizes and in a variety of media. It may simultaneously need to be clear on a business card,
huge on a billboard, and digital on a website.
The projects appearing in this book include fresh designs, striking illustrations, and clever execu-
tions. They are intended to inspire you to design logo and letterhead systems that creatively and
effectively get the job done. Enjoy!

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