Chapter 11 Premier League Player Performance Metrics

A player summary from an English Premier League Club.

Dashboard Designer: Andy Kirk (

Organization: An English Premier League club

Note the data in this example is genuine game data for an anonymous player in the English Premier League in the 2015-2016 season. Andy Singleton is not a real player name, and this data is not from a Liverpool v. Manchester United game.


Big Picture

You play on an English Premier League soccer team. You played a game on Saturday and spent Sunday in recovery. It's now Monday, and you're due at the training field at 10 a.m. for a team debrief on the match. How did you do? Just as you arrive, you receive your personal player dashboard via email to your iPhone. It shows your physical performance metrics for the match:

  • How did you perform in the most recent game?
  • How did your performance compare to that of the most recent games and to the rest of the season?
  • Did your performance match the rest of the team's?
  • How was the team's performance relative to that of the rest of the season?


  • Players need to understand their match-day physical performance and see several key metrics, including total distance run, number of sprints, and top speed.
  • Players need to know if their performance was above or below average. This helps them relate their performance to the coach's ...

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