Chapter 15 Hospitality Dashboard for Hotel Management

Hospitality dashboard.

Source: Images courtesy of Dundas Data Visualization, Inc. (

Author: David Voung

Organization: Dundas Data Visualization



Big Picture

You are a manager for a large chain of hotels. You need a dashboard to monitor some key metrics, including how revenue did last week in comparison to previous weeks. You need to see if the revenue is being influenced by the current daily rate promotions and if the promotions are aligned to occupancy. There are multiple locations around the world, so you also need to know which hotels are the best and worst performers within their respective region. You also need the ability to drill further into the details for any specific weeks as necessary.


  • You are tasked with showing the revenue per available room (RevPAR) for your hotels and in comparison to a peer group.
  • You need to organize hotels by regions and compare those to hotels within the same region.
  • You need to show data over time, showing a selected number of weeks in the past.
  • You want to see the spread for available rooms from the lowest-priced room and the highest-priced room.
  • You need to understand how quickly the business is reacting to these prices and how much alignment exists ...

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